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Jnanavahini – A Mobile Book Exhibition Scheme

For centuries Indians were poor and lazy. Now they are active and distracted by hundreds of things. In this development, we have lost many things and have also gained many things. But one thing that we have not lost is our essential Indianness and that is: the desire for spiritualty. Today, one sees a new Indian slowly emerging, no longer afraid or embarrassed at being an Indian but with full of pride in one’s ancestry, religion and culture, with one’s intelligence and working capacity. The modern Indian can no longer believe in the lies said to him of being inferior to others, for ṭhe world has opened up and comparisons are easy to make. A new self-confidence has gripped India and an Indian is finally comfortable with his or her identity. This is, however, just the beginning and much more good is still to come.

The question arises and is urgent: who and what will feed this growing Indian identity? And the answer is: Swami Vivekananda, his life and teachings. For not only is Swami Vivekananda the Indian icon but he had also anticipated this growth and need, and given his message accordingly. Indians will be nourished by his message. In order to reach out this nourishment to all people, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad, started this Jnanavahini, or a river of knowledge. This custom-built mobile bookstall goes to various places in Hyderabad to spread Swami Vivekananda’s message through books, posters, CDs and so on.