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Rural Development Camp/Mobile Hospital (GRAMASRI):

Our mobile medical unit called GRAMASRI goes to near by villages every alternate Sunday. Our GRAMASRI team comprises of 5 doctors and 10 volunteers.

Rural Developement camp at Ratnapur village on 28 January 2023
1. The regular medical camp with our team of doctors and volunteers successfully conducted the camp for various illnesses of the local people.

2. Special Cancer screening camp in association with karkinos health care was conducted where expert oncologists have screened the symptomatic individuals through their mobile examination van performed visual examination, checkup, and advanced mobile mamography and HPV testing for women along with 100 free testing kits.

3. Cardiology camp
Eminent cardiologists from Durgabai Deshmukh [AMS], cardiology wing have partnered with the Math in conducting FREE HEART CHECK UP, the villagers were screened and symptomatic individuals were diagnosed further with free lipid profile, RBS and Echo Cardiogram tests and guided them accordingly.

4. Training of the children at the camp
Around 130 children of the village were assembled at the government school where they were trained in singing bhajans, Inspirational stories from the life of Swami Vivekananda and other cultural activities were conducted. The children were nourished with milk, biscuits, bananas etc for their well being.

Patients : 180
Cardiology : 90
Cancer : 99
Students : 130
Local volunters : 10