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The following are some useful links for students.

Chinese: A useful Chinese language site: Click here
English: A good site on Phonetics: Click here
English: A good site which includes reading materials and exercises: Click here
English: All aspects of English grammar: Click here
English: Online Grammar Exercises for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels: Click here
French: A very good site on French Tutorial: Click here
German: 100 Exercises (For Ist Senior level and above) NB: Keyword: “begin”: Click here
German: Information on Higher studies in Germany: Click here
German: Study and Research in Germany: Click here
German: Study Opportunities in Germany: Click here
German: Universities and other Higher Education Institutions in Germany: Click here
Japanese: Good site for JLPT Vocabulary Quiz: Click here
Japanese: Photos on Japanese Culture etc: Click here
Sanskrit: Sanskrit Dictionary: Click here
Spanish: Learn Spanish Grammar: Click here
Spanish: Good site for Spanish Study: Click here
Spanish: Business Spanish with audio: Click here
Spanish: Study Spanish: A good Bilingual site Click here