" Annual summer camp for personality development and character building "


The inauguration of Samskaar, a transformative summer camp for school children, unfolded at the Ramakrishna math Auditorium under the guidance of the Most Revered Swami Bodhamayananda Maharaj, the Adyaksha of Ramakrishna math, Hyderabad. Adyaksha Maharaj emphasized the vital role of education and character building in a child's life, distinguishing between para vidya (spiritual knowledge) and apara vidya (worldly knowledge). He stressed the importance of instilling values like truthfulness and fearlessness, underscoring the significance of right education in shaping young minds. Quoting from the 16th chapter Bhagavad Gita, he urged all to cultivate virtuous thoughts and actions, emphasizing the integration of knowledge and devotion in the pursuit of life's goals. He also referred to Ramakrishna Math as a "purity drilling machine," where raw materials are refined into precious gems of character. Dr. Usha Reddy Garu, former principal of Meridian School, Leading educationalist , highlighted the transformative nature of the Samskaar camp, advocating for character development over mere academic achievement.

It is a regenerative and transformative program that enhances the student's personality. It not only builds confidence, but, also gives time for reflection and meditation.

 Dr. Uday Kumar Susarla, Principal of Geethanjali college of Engineering and technology, emphasized the role of discipline and character development in a child's upbringing.

Lakshmi Amma, faculty of VIHE described the Samskaar camp as a 'jnana yagna' for Loka Kalyanam, generating positive energy for the benefit of society. With proper education, Shakti manifests within them there by, they develop into citizens of good character. Together, they emphasized the importance of character in shaping individuals.