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Vivekananda Health Center (VHC)

Our Health Center’s VISION in Swami Vivekananda’s words was Daridra-devo-bhava, Murkha-devo-bhava, and Rogi-devo-bhava—the poor, the ignorant, and the afflicted—let these be your gods.


To serve the Poor & Needy in a spirit of worship animates this unit of the Math.

Our Health Center is mostly treated / visited by the illiterate & poor patients numbering around 500 – 600 daily.

The Vivekananda Health Center run by Ramakrishna Math daily between 8 am & 4.30 pm depends totally on the voluntary services offered by large hearted Doctors / Philanthropist.

The Health Centre has Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic sections.


Experienced doctors come to the Health Center twice or thrice a week to render honorary service in their respective specialized areas, such as: (Departments)

  1. General Medicine
  2. E.N.T
  3. Minor Surgery cases
  4. Opthalmology – in association with LV Prasad Eye Institute
  5. Dental care
  6. Gynaecology
  7. Primary Investigation Laboratory
  8. Psychology Consultation & Counselling
  9. Pain Clinic
  10. Physio
  11. Neurology
  12. Pediatrics
  13. Dermatology
  14. General Dressing
  15. Physiotherapy
  16. Orthopaedic
  17. Homeopathy
  18. Ayurveda
  19. Diabetes
  20. Cardiology
  21. Neurology
  22. Urology
  23. Nephrology
  24. Rheumatology
  25. Accupressure
  26. Nutrition
  27. Psychology
  28. Psycriatry
  29. Asthma Clinic
  30. Speech Therapy
  31. Audiology
  32. Autis

Patient Care – Service Excellence:

This quality of patient treatment is possible in Vivekananda Health Centre because of an engaged workforce that takes pride in its day – to – day resposiblities. The Doctors & Staff are able to alleviate feelings of stress and fear in patients while instilling in them a positive approach towards medical care and attention.

Aryajanani – with the intiative & support by the Devotees of Ramakrishna Math. Every month on 2nd & 4th Saturdays

Helping to-be Mothers to have an ideal Child.

Explore the ultimate MOTHERHOOD experience! A series of Nurturing & holistic Birth-Preparation Workshops. To give Mothers – information, inspiration and instructions to effectively manage their own physical, emotional and intellectual well-being as well as their to be born Baby.

GRAMASRI (Community Service)

In our efforts to contribute to the cause of medical welfare of the region, on every Sunday we are delivering the quality medical care to people of the remote places through our mobile hospitals.


Key Features:

For Poor & Needy section of the Society.

Founded – 1st Feb 1981

Timings = 08:00 am to 4:30 pm

OP Consultation Fees: New = 20 Renewal = 10/-

No. of Patients per day Visit = 500-600

Diagnostics Tests such as X-Ray / UltraSound/ Scanning and Clinical Diagnostic / Pathological Laboratory – aid in diagnosing the ailments of the patients.

Charitable dispensary with nominal medicines cost.

For Further Clarifications you may contact – Email: rkmhyddispensary@gmail.com or Mobile Number : 9704445783 / 040-27621066