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Subscription for Sri Ramakrishna Prabha Telugu Monthly Magazine

Sri Ramakrishna Prabha, the monthly spiritual magazine being published in Telugu by Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad, has been striving to disseminate the moral and spiritual values of Indian culture for the past 75 years.  In order to introduce the magazine to a wider section of youth and general public, we have embarked on a new initiative called ‘Gift Scheme’.  Under this scheme we intend to spread the circulation of this magazine to Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Temples, Grampanchayats, Prisons and other public institutions in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.

You can also join us by gifting this priceless monthly spiritual magazine to  as many people and institutions as possible. The Annual Subscription is Rs.150/- only.

Subscription Rates within India:

One Year         :  Rs.220/-
Three Years    :  Rs.640/-
Five Years          :  Rs.1,000/-
Twenty Years     :  Rs.4,000/-

Subscription Rates outside India:

One Year          :  Rs.3,000/-
Three Years     :  Rs.9,000/-