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Please click the link below to Join Online Classes (only for VIOL Students)

Rules, students must adhere to while attending the online classes

Students attending online/offline classes are required to dress decently. They are requested to put on formal clothing, the attire that they would use when they go to attend classes in a physical classroom.

Eating food and drinking water while the class is on is not considered good etiquette. And also listening to the class sitting on cot or reclining on it is bad manners. It is tantamount to insulting the teacher who is considered an emblem of the Divine in Indian culture.

They student must ensure that other members of the family don’t intrude and disturb him/her while the class is on.

The student must see that he/she sits in a noise free area in the home/work place and should mute the speaker when the teacher asks him/her to do so.

Students are expected to login promptly on time as it would enable the teacher start class on time without wasting time

Questions and doubts must be asked only during the time allotted for that. Interrupting the teacher midway through the class should be avoided as it disturbs the teacher’s flow and other students as well.

Utmost respect must be shown to the teacher. If it is reported to us that a student is rude and impolite towards the teacher, he/she will not be allowed to attend the further classes and his/her admission will be cancelled forthwith.