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Puja mandapam


Everyday at five o clock in the morning there will be a short Aarati service to the Lord called Mangala Harati. After that all present would meditate according to their capacity.

In the evening there would be Aaratrikam called Sandhya Aarati at 6:45 pm everyday.

About sandhya aarati: The human body is made up of five elements i.e. Fire or Agni, Water or Aapah, Air or Vayu, Earth or Prithivi, and Ether or Akasha.

However, our essential nature is the Spirit. Since we wrongly identify ourselves with the body and consequently the five elements, we have to undergo innumerable sufferings in life.

The worshipper offers back the five elements to the Lord in the form of a lighted lamp and a karpura arati (agni) followed by offering water from the shankha/conch (jal), a piece of cloth (symbolic of ether), a flower (symbolic of earth) and finally the Chaamara or fan (symbolic of air element). By offering back these five elements, a prayer is offered to God that may the materiality/darkness/ignorance in us be destroyed and may we be established in the Consciousness, which is our essential nature. Thus we totally surrender ourselves to God.