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Sarada vanam


Shakti or power, which produces the universe is inseparable from Godhead, which is both the efficient and material cause of creation. Hence the Hindus regard God to be both Father and Mother. The idea of God as Mother, in fact, has fascinated the human mind from time immemorial.

We present here, in this beautiful garden, the life of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi who is Shakti personified and an embodiment of motherly love towards one and all.

Sri Sarada Devi was born Sarada Mani, the divine child of a pious couple, 150 years ago in Jayrambati–a blessed hamlet in Bankura District, West Bengal. Though born in a poor family, she was a strange combination of Divinity and Humanity.

Her extraordinary spirituality coupled with diligence, intelligence and love manifested even at a tender age when she personally served people. She was the divine consort of Sri Ramakrishna of Dakhineswar—the prophet of the modern age. Their marriage was a fusion of two souls soaked in divinity, destined to diffuse spirituality the world around. We offer this exhibition in commemoration of the Holy Mother’s 150th Birth anniversary.