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About Vyapthi :

Swami Vivekananda in relation to Education and the masses of India , considers that ,” the only service to be done for the masses is to give them education, ideas and that is the only help they require, and the rest must follow as effect. Ours is to put the chemicals together, the crystallization comes in the law of nature……

In order to apply this idea put forth by Swamiji , a program named  Vyapthi was initiated by the members of Yuva Jagruti Vedika. The vital objective of this program is to provide value education to the Young Indians of the urban, remote rural and the most deprived areas of the society.

A Team of trained volunteers visited the  Govt / Private schools in and around twin cities for conducting Personality Development sessions on Concentration, Discipline, Human Values and lessons from Swamiji’s life, Character and Personality Development, Indian Heritage and Culture.